Some Random But Useful Info About Exploring Bali On A Bicycle

Some Random But Useful Info About Exploring Bali On A Bicycle

1. One of the most important things that you need to consider is that Bali has a very strict visa policy, especially if you are an Indian passport holder. You need to know that you can get a visa on arrival that will allow you to stay in Bali for 30 days. You can actually extend it one time, if you decide to stay longer. If you stay more than 30 days, without extending it, it can actually incur a huge fine or even some jail time.

Some Random But Useful Info About Exploring Bali On A Bicycle

2. You should know that one of the best ways of exploring Bali is with the help of bicycles.

3. I feel that making use of bicycles to roam around the place will actually give you a feel of what exactly the place can offer you. It has a lot of fresh air, and you will have the opportunity to see a lot of amazing views.

4. I am sure you are wondering what is the best time would be to go cycling across Bali, because it would be impossible to cycle when there is a storm brewing.

5. Cycling in Bali is obviously an amazing way to indulge yourself in the countryside spirit. It will give you a lot of new opportunities to explore volcanic rims, ancient temples, amazing plantations, small villages and beautiful beaches. It is very necessary for you to understand that the temperature is quite humid.

6. Whatever time of year you are choosing to be there, it is going to be quite dehydrating and humid. Bali is a place that gets a lot of sunlight, and it means that between May and July would be the best time to cycle around the place.

7. These would be the three coolest months, before the rainy season sets in.

8. Personally, I feel that cycling around when it is quite hot outside is much more fun, because it gives us a chance to completely hydrate ourselves and also sweat it out.

9. There are a lot of destinations you could explore, especially on a bicycle. Here are some of those destinations.

  1. Ubud
  2. Mount Batur
  3. Putting Village
  4. Sideman Village
  5. Sanur Beach
  6. Lake Buyan
  7. Singaraja

10. It is a very popular tourist destination, like I have mentioned above. You should carry a lot of important things, especially when you are in Bali. You need sunscreen, to save your skin from the tropical shine of the sun. Make sure that you carry bags of water and food, because these things will come in handy. You need to wear flip-flops and not expensive shoes, because you are going to get wet because of all the beaches. Make sure that you carry a lot of cotton clothing and not other materials, because it is going to be quite hot.

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